Dr Kajals students performing eco yoga at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

I have learned yoga from many masters but I have found Dr Kajal's Class most enjoyable. Dr Kajal's yoga movement teaching is smooth and increases the flexibility of every aspect of my body. He is very attentive in his student's every yoga move and makes sure that his student's posture is correct. I am able to perform postures that I thought is beyond my expectations after learning from him. ~ Jaslyn Goh

Dr Kajal conducting Supramental Hatha Yoga

Ever since I joined Dr Kajal's yoga class my friends noticed a difference in me - I looked more youthful and have lost my slouch. The backache and shoulder pain I used to experience have disappeared. Actually I did not just gain an improved physique and fitness level. I noticed that attending his classes have also allowed me to be calmer and more tolerant of others. My mental health has benefited too. ~ Sze Ying.

Dr Kajal conducting Supramental Hatha Yoga

I love Dr. Kajalís classes. The space of his classes is rejuvenating, the music is uplifting, he does many poses making the class fun and stimulating, and they come with counter-poses to relax stretched muscles. ~ Emilly Ong.

Dr Kajal conducting Pran Vidya Workshop

Since I joined Dr Kajalís class, I fell in love with Yoga and I saw my health improve significantly. No more back pain due to long sitting hours at work, better digestion, flexible joints, more gradient skin and a calm and peaceful mindÖ..just a few benefits to name that I have got from this yoga class.~ Ho Thi Le Ha, Emma.

I have attended Dr Kajalís class for the past 4 years but I have never felt bored. Dr is able to motivate the students and I feel myself improving tremendously. When I started going to Drís class, I had great difficulty even with his beginnersí class but over time, I am able to do many asanas which were virtually unthinkable previously. Dr Kajal is also very creative. He is able to synchronize the sequence of the postures so we move from posture to posture with grace and elegance. Lastly Dr teaches from the heart. I am very fortunate to know and learn from him. ~ Irene Lee


I learned yoga from many teachers but there is only one teacher, Dr Kajal who has transformed me. When I started my yoga journey with Dr Kajal, my needs and wants of being more flexible, less stressed and more healthy were fulfilled but these are not only the reasons I wanted to continue to learn yoga from him. Yoga has now become a vital part of my life. It is to me a journey of discovering myself, it has changed my perspective in life. There is never a dull moment when practicing yoga in his class. What keeps me continuously going back to his classes is the cultivation of inner peace, joy, harmony and balance in my life.~ Christine Neo


Dr. Kajal has a relaxed and peaceful presence which makes me feel calm. I feel both energized as well as relaxed - physically, mentally and emotionally - after a class with him. He is a committed and very patient teacher and every student in his class gets his personal attention. I have learnt a lot from him.~ Sohini Mitra

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